Securing Your Detroit Property

If you own a vacant property in Detroit, the number one thing that you need to protect is the furnace and hot water tank. The cost to replace a furnace and hot water tank is approx $4,000+. You also don’t want squatters in your property as well.

Security With Cameras

There are several DIY security options out there, but we like using the Ring security system with usage of cameras. Ring also provides Professional Monitoring. For a fee, they’ll send someone out to check on the property

Needed Items

  • Power at the house
  • Cable >> Order Cable Here
  • Modem (provided by the cable company or buy your own)
  • Ring Pro Base Model (Ring Base acts as a wireless router which the cameras need) >> Click Here to Buy
  • Ring Cameras (Battery Operated) >> Click Here to View Options
    • Exterior Cameras – use to view the outside of the house
    • Interior Cameras – point a camera at the furnace and water heater so you can see if someone is stealing it

Optional Items

Security Without Cameras

If you don’t have cable or wifi then you can still secure your property with a DIY security system. We suggest SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe uses cellular data to send you alerts so no Wifi is needed. Monthly fee is $18/month. You can always add cameras to SimpliSafe however you will need wifi.

SimpliSafe also can send someone out to check up on the property if an alarm goes off.

Click here to view SimpliSafe model