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Visit Detroit

The city of Detroit is becoming an increasingly popular place for investors in other states and countries. The city is seeing a revitalization that is hard to deny, and everyday I’m seeing more and more people asking about either investing in the city of Detroit, or buying their first Detroit rental Property. As a Detroit Real Estate investor and wholesaler, I often come across the same questions. One of those questions is “I’m going to visit Detroit for the first time to check out the market. Where should I go?”. In this article, I’m going to mention some of the places you should check out in the city of Detroit.

Visit Detroit – Where To Go

Before I start, I want to mention that I do have a YouTube channel on the Detroit Real Estate market. I cover various issues like the zip codes you want to buy in, rehab costs to keep in mind, and also where to go when you visit Detroit for the first time. To watch the video click HERE or watch the video below.

Visit Detroit - Detroit Real Estate Investing - Where to go on Your First Visit

First off I’ll start on the basic break down of Detroit. There is the Eastside and Westside, with the main dividing line for the city being Woodward Ave. Anything to the East of Woodward is considered the “Eastside” and anything to the West of Woodward is considered the “Westside”.

I suggest you start by checking out all the zip codes that interest you. If you don’t know which zip codes to look out for, I suggest watching THIS VIDEO about the top 5 zip codes in Detroit. I can help you out by listing some of the more popular zip codes in this blog.

  • 48221 (Bagley / University District)
  • 48206 (Boston Edison / LaSalle Gardens)
  • 48215 (Jefferson Chalmers)
  • 48224 (East English Village / Morningside)
  • 48223 (Rosedale Park)

Google Maps can help map out your trip, by customizing the specific path you need to take to cover areas you would like to hit. Some of you might be rehabbers, and some specifically for rentals. Each zip code has pros and cons as well as different price points. Just remember that Google Maps is your friend. You can add several locations and also move the locations around to determine your best route.

Why It’s Important to Visit Detroit

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to go online and do research on a real estate market. However, one of the biggest reasons to visit Detroit is my number one rule to investing in Detroit. Whenever I’m getting a deal sent my way, I use this rule on every deal. The rule is simple and true.

Zip Code by Zip Code > Block by Block > Street by Street

That being said it’s really easy to pick a zip code, but the biggest issue is that Detroit is such a fast changing market that you can have an amazing home on a great street and the next street over can be abandoned and burnt out homes. You really need to have a good “boots on the ground” team to help you determine if it’s a good deal. Your “boots on the ground” can be your eyes and ears to let you know of positives and negatives about a location, and also monitor your general contractors on your rehabs.

If you need Boots on the Ground in Detroit, then please reach out to me at I have a team that can take photos and videos of your possible deals and also monitor your general contractors.

Tips When You Visit Detroit

Here are some tips to remember when going to Detroit. This is an exciting real estate market and there is still a lot of inventory (for now) out there. However, I hope some of these tips will help you on your visit.

Have Deals To Visit

When you go to Detroit I would suggest having deals that you would like to see. Have around 5 different properties in various zip codes that match your buying criteria. Also bring Comparables for each property. That way you can see what properties are selling for in the area. Not only would I have deals that you should go see, but if you’re a rehabber go and visit some listings of new rehabs on the market. That way you can see your competition.

Setup Appointments With Your Team

You team is just as important as the property. Without a good team in the area you’ll be swimming with one arm tied behind your back. I would use websites likes BiggerPockets to start connecting with local wholesalers, agents, contractors, title companies and property managers. That way you can meet up with these team members and see if you feel their vibe.

Don’t Leave Personal Belongings Out in the Open

As exciting as the Detroit real estate market can be it still has crime in the area. I would not overlook this fact and when you travel from place to place in the city, please don’t forget to hide your belongings while you’re out and about. Keep all laptops, purses, backpacks etc.. in the truck or hidden under a seat.

Have A Companion

This bullet point goes along with the tip before and that is go with a companion. This companion can be a partner or a real estate agent / wholesaler or maybe a general contractor. A little personal story about myself, I walked into a home to do my walk through and ran into a squatter in the middle of the bedroom. I freaked out! Thankfully nothing happened, but it’s always a good thing to have someone with you.

Check Out My Off-Market Deals When You Visit Detroit

I am a Detroit investor but I am also a wholesaler. Unfortunately I can’t buy every deal so I also wholesale deals in Detroit and the metro Detroit area. Below is a video of just one of my off-market Detroit Wholesale Deals. If you’d like to see my current inventory, please visit You can also reach out to me if you are looking for General Contractors, Property Managers, Lenders etc. Please email me at

Cheap House For Sale -  Off Market Detroit Wholesale Deal
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